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Nice game, thanks!

my preferred

very good

Awesome game, I love the music as well, especially the covers of The Midnight Express Chase theme and "The Robots"

Wow, very tricky game! It seems so easy, but I fail a lot :D Cool and simple idea!

How many levels does this game have? I am just awaiting bitmap soft to send a copy to me 

4 levels, 28 screens to solve :)

That's great. Really looking forward to getting it

I have the game today. Really great fun. Passed level 1. Cant wait to have time to sit down and play fully 

Great old tunes bring me back. Thanks for making this.

So looking forward to purchasing this puzzle. When will it be available?

Probably in june a bit before C64 RGCD gamedev compo ending, it will be available for free.

Great. Look forward to it. Thanks