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(c) 2019 Digital Monastery  (Hokuto*Force Game Developing Division)

Programming by Eric Hilaire aka Majikeyric

Graphics by Nathan Asshantti aka Na_Th_An

Loading picture by David Vigh aka Grass

Sound by Michael Philip Bridgewater aka Mibri

Original game concept by The Mojon Twins

The story

Lala wanted to be a witch by all means, so she entered the Great Witch Academy, led by Mistress Morgana la Marrana, who admited her ‘cause she didn’t have any pupils because of the worldwide crisis. Morgana herself teached the very first basics of magic and sorcery to Lala, who was not a very good student. One day, Morgana ran out of chipped man bile, so she went to the supermarket to buy some and Lala had to stay on her own in the academy with all those machines and magic filters to her disposal. She began trying some spells, and as nothing happened, she just opened the windows so to freshen the air. But before she could be aware, all the pots with magical filters and chemicals flew off  thru’ the window scattering all around the surroundings. 

The game

Take control of Lala accross the decrepit surroundings of Morgana‘s academy, looking for all her filters and chemicals. To progress in your adventure you have to fetch and use some keys which will open a series of gates, giving you access to new areas.

Avoid the flying nasties and spike traps around the cemetary and the churches around, which can be really fatal. To regain some life, you can eat heart-shaped lollipops which will lay scattered here and there and which will appear once you’ve collected some filters and formulae, in screens already visited.


Use joystick in port 2, use left-right and fire to jump.

Good luck!

Also available for CPlus/4 and VIC20 (PAL 32K required)

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(6 total ratings)


LalaPrologue.zip 24 kB
LalaPrologueCPlus4.zip 26 kB
LalaPrologueVIC20.zip 41 kB


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Awesome game !

This was such a fun old school style platformer. Great work! 


Ein richtig schönes Spiel, dass ich jetzt am langen Wochenende mit Begeisterung gespielt habe. Wenn man erstmal ein wenig warm geworden ist, dann kommt man ziemlich weit. Wow!

Well done! Und dazu noch kostenlos. Ich hätte gerne ein paar Euros dafür locker gemacht :)

Auf meinem YouTube Kanal habe ich es im Rahmen der C64 Spielzeit vorgestellt. Schaut doch mal vorbei:


Cool! I'm glad you like it, many thanks for the Youtube review :)

I think the game is very cool and would have paid money for it. Maybe in the future I'll do a review of one of your other games :) I like your work - please go on with it!